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SAT 1600

SAT 1600 is a seven-week test preparation program designed for college-bound juniors who will take the SAT for college/ university admission. While the SAT is offered on seven dates each year, the fall dates are geared towards seniors who choose to retest. Most juniors opt to test in the spring (April or June) once they have mastered all junior curriculum. By waiting until spring, juniors can show colleges their very best.


The goal of SAT 1600 is to give students the confidence necessary to score their personal best on the SAT. Student scores are improved when juniors become familiar and comfortable with the test * the content, the timing, the pacing, and the strategies for approaching the exam. Juniors practice at each class with  SAT like exams, ensuring that students learn to think like the test maker. Throughout the 15 hour course, students cover all SAT test content:

The Critical Reading Preparation will include practice with:

  • Reviewing Key 

  • Using Context Clues

  • Critical Reading Comprehension

  • Practice Critical Reading Tests and Test Analysis

The Writing Skills Preparation will include practice with:

  • Reviewing Key Grammatical Concepts

  • Identifying Sentence Errors

  • Improving Sentences/Paragraphs/Word Choice

  • Improving Passage Organization Structure

  • Practice Writing Skills Tests and Test Analysis

The Math Preparation will include practice with: 

  • Standard Multiple-Choice Items

  • Student-Produced Response Items

  • Key Math Concepts:

    • Numbers and Operations

    • Algebra and Functions

    • Geometry and Measurement

    • Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics

    • Practice Math Tests and Test Analysis


Completing the Homeworkouts from class and reviewing The Grammarian's Guide and Math Essentials will help you boost your score on test day! Be confident that you have that ExcelEdge!

The Edge

Crown Point student:

I feel that this program has helped me get a better grasp on what to expect for the SATs. I’ve learned different skills to use while answering questions and how long I should take on each question.
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