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Our Classes

Our test preparation series includes three programs: PSAT 1520, ACT 36 and SAT 1600. While programs do have a “typical” format, we can customize any program to meet your school’s unique needs. As administrators work with us to determine the program(s) that are best for their schools, they often consider their objectives.

PSAT 1520

PSAT 1520 can raise the PSAT/ NMSQT score of any student; however, we believe this prep program is best used by students who with our instruction and strategies can score in the top 4% of the nation. We work in partnership with schools to identify their most academically-talented juniors, knowing the huge financial rewards that accompany National Merit Commended Scholar or National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist distinction. While scholarships do come from the National Merit Corporation, the largest financial awards come from colleges and universities who compete to recruit these top-scoring scholars.

ACT 36

ACT 36 is essential for juniors who plan to attend a college or university that asks for this score. Our students find it to their advantage to apply with test scores – either from the SAT or ACT – that college admissions offices are most used to seeing. That said, all college and universities have concordant data to help them translate scores from one test to another, if they choose to use it. We work with schools to help them determine the best prep program for their junior population based on the colleges and universities to which their students most typically apply.

SAT 1600

SAT 1600 is a must-take for any student who plans to attend a college or university that asks for this score.  SAT 1600 is especially critical for students who take the SAT as part of their state’s graduation qualifying exam. We work with schools to create a program calendar that optimizes scores for their juniors.

What difference does a strategy-based course make?

“A strategy-based course provides students with life-long skills for college readiness and beyond.”


Susan Lynch

National Board Certified Teacher 

BA Education, University of Massachusetts

M.S.Ed Leadership and Administration, North Central College


“Even when faced with unexpected content, students can apply strategies to navigate test questions with confidence.”


Beth Zinsky

BS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

MA, National Louis University


“This course meets students where they are.  Rather than focusing on content skills it helps students use the information they already have and get the best possible scores possible by getting as many questions correct based on what the student already knows.”


Kristine Condon

BA English, Simpson College

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