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PSAT 1520

PSAT 1520 is a test preparation program created for high-caliber juniors who have the ability to score among the top 50,000 in the nation. Scoring in this elite range will allow juniors to be competitive for National Merit Scholarship Program recognition, the highest academic achievement possible for a student. While top sophomores may take the exam for practice, only juniors may take it to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program competition. The PSAT/ NMSQT is given only once a year – in October. As a result, academically-talented juniors have only one opportunity to do well on this critical exam.

Teacher with Students

The Reading classes focus on:

  • Close Reading

  • Paired Passages

  • Practice Tests

The Writing and Language classes focus on:

  • Usage and Mechanics

  • Style and Rhetoric

  • Practice Tests

The Math classes focus on:

  • Standard Multiple-Choice Items

  • Student-Produced Response Items

  • Practice Tests

PSAT 1520 gives students the winning edge by focusing on test content, strategy and pacing. This knowledge and confidence combine to enhance performance. Because juniors apply strategies to PSAT like exams at each class, working through three complete tests in the program, students learn to think like the test maker, enabling scholars to show their very best to colleges and the National Merit Scholarship Program.

PSAT 1520 is shaped by best instructional practices and is grounded in two decades of research. The PSAT 1520 program runs over a seven-week period (7 classes of 2.0 hours each). Students will take a full-length practice exam at the second to the last class. That exam will be graded, analyzed and returned to students at the final class.

At each session, students practice with all three sections of the PSAT/NMSQT: Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics.

Design Book

For outstanding students, the PSAT/ NMSQT is a high stakes test, perhaps the most important a scholar will take while in high school. The World Series star is the player who comes to the plate with the bases loaded. The National Merit qualifier is the player who has the PSAT 1520 edge.

The Edge

Lyons Township student:

I think that this was a really good experience for me and taught me a lot in how to do on the test and how to study properly. They also taught me what to look for and that has overall made me a better student, thank you for this opportunity.
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