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ACT 36

ACT 36 is a test preparation program designed for college-bound juniors who will take the ACT for college/ university admission. While the ACT is offered on six different dates throughout the year, the fall dates are geared towards seniors who choose to retest. Most juniors opt to test in the spring (April or June). By the spring of the junior year, a student has mastered junior curriculum, the focus of the ACT. 


The ACT 36 programs are offered exclusively from late-January/ February through April in preparation for the April ACT.

The goal of ACT 36 is to give students the confidence, strategies and content skills necessary to score their personal best on the ACT. Students’ scores are improved when juniors become familiar and comfortable with the ACT: its content, the timing, the pacing, and the strategies for taking the exam. 

With ACT 36 classes meeting once a week for two hours over an eight week period, students cover all five ACT test content areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Writing. Near the end of the program, juniors take a complete ACT – 3.5 hours in length – that allows them to synthesize all tips and strategies for a final trial before test day. The last class is a review and analysis of items missed by the student.

ACT 36 will cover:

  • Introduction to ACT 36

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Writing

  • College Selection Seminar

  • Full-length Practice ACT

  • Test and Strategy Review


ACT 36 provides structure that allows students to thrive. Having to commit to a weekly time slot, having to be accountable for homework, having to respond to teachers’ questions, ensure that a student is prepared for the ACT.

The Edge

Glenbrook North student:

I thought everything was very helpful and good skills to know for the ACT and other tests in general. I think this class has helped me prepare for the ACT well.
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