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ACT 36 teachers are content specialists, thoroughly trained and fully-certified. As end-of-the-program evaluations prove, ExcelEdge staff members are knowledgeable, personable and well-liked by students they teach. Because staff members are referred by administrators at their schools, our teachers are among the very best. Working with groups of about 20 students, a team of four teachers helps students acquire the skills necessary for exam success.

To get a sense of the caliber of our staff, note their response to this question:

“What difference does a strategy-based course make?”

“I see my students having success using our ExcelEdge strategies on math problems they would not otherwise have been able to answer correctly. After taking our course, students go into the test with confidence, knowing they have the tools to succeed.”

Sherry Chromzack

BS Education, Illinois State University
MS Education, Illinois State University


“The English exam tests more than English. It tests a student’s ability to look past the obvious task at hand and approach the passage a new way. Students need to know what three pieces of information they need to immediately glean from the first paragraph – even before they answer the first question – in order to ensure they get the greatest number of items correct. They need to be able to determine when items no longer ask students to make a decision about a single grammatical element but instead ask them to make a rhetorical decision about an entire sentence or a paragraph. Strategies allow the student who already has a solid command of English to switch gears fluidly, without sacrificing time, to achieve optimal results.”

JoAnn Wayne

BS, English and Secondary Education, Purdue University
MS, English and Secondary Education, Reading K-12, Purdue University


“A strategy-based course gives students the tools to manage time effectively and read only the material necessary to maximize each individual's score.”

Loren Mann

BS Chemistry, Andrews University
MS Physical Chemistry, Northwestern University


“Students know the math. But…Can they quickly ascertain what is being asked? Can they side-step ponderous computations? The test writers are asking students to use gamesmanship on this test. Students have to be fleet of mind. This is not like the math tests their teachers write.”

Jeffrey Kollar

BS Math, Northern Illinois University
MS Ed, Northern Illinois University
MALS, Rosary College
CCNA and CCNI, College of DuPage
41 years in education.


“The ExcelEdge programs encourage students to flourish with the application of innovative test-taking strategies and the guidance of excellent educators. I love to watch a student's level of confidence transform from the first to the last week of classes.”

Kristin Fernandez

BS Biology and Psychology, Elmhurst College
MS Counseling, Northern Illinois University

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