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Students Say...

PSAT 1520 participants

SAT 1600 participants

ACT 36 participants

PSAT 1520 participants:

“I give a whole hearted thumbs-up to my teachers! The class is superbly designed to demystify the PSAT.”

Andrew High School student


“I was pleased with the teachers and the program. The strategies taught to pick apart the PSAT were effective and made the test far less complex. I really feel that I am prepared to take the PSAT. Thank you for a great program. It was money well spent!”

Glenbard South High School student


“This class moved at a reasonable pace and successfully combined autonomous studying with guided practice, which ultimately enhances the overall learning experience.”

Naperville North High School student


“This course was definitely a course that increased my score on the PSAT because I did significantly better than on last year’s test.”

St. Charles East High School student


“Going through all the strategies for each section was helpful. The homeworkouts and practice tests benefited me greatly. It is good to know what to expect from the test. I liked how the length of each class mimicked the length of the test, so now I’m used to the testing time.”

Lincoln-Way East High School student


I felt the program was very beneficial. I feel I greatly benefited from being exposed to actual test questions with the help of experienced teachers.”

Lyons Township High School student


“The program helped me notice small tricks in the test and helped me to cleverly find the right answer. In class work helped the most.”

Maine West High School student


“Our teachers did an excellent job of keeping us focused and properly preparing us for the exam. Math problems and old tests analysis were quite helpful. Suggestions: keep with same strategy.”

Maine South High School student


“Overall, the PSAT 1520 program was extremely helpful. I now know what to expect and how to approach each section of the test. The vocab words increased my vocabulary and the math essentials helped to enforce basic concepts. Thanks!”

Naperville Central High School student


“It was an overall great experience. I learned a lot, including strategies to use during testing and reading and math – specific strategies. I also learned how to test faster, and the practice tests made me more comfortable with what to expect when I take the PSAT. The teachers were friendly and I learned a ton!”

Oak Park and River Forest High School student


“Some of the strategies I learned in this class I applied on the practice ACT, such as the long critical reading strategies. I actually finished with enough time to recheck my work, something I’ve never been able to do before!”

Willowbrook High School student

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SAT 1600 participants:

“Thanks for the opportunity to take SAT 1600. With the tips and strategies I learned, I was able to raise my score to a level I thought was beyond my reach. Not only did your course give me tactics for the SAT, but it also provided me the practice and confidence to do my best. Needless to say, both my parents and I feel that the money spent taking your course was a wise investment.”

Home schooled student


“I have received a solid foundation of test-taking skills, both offensive and defensive. After taking this class, I'm confident about taking this test.”

Western-Boone High School student


"Taking this class helped to show me what to expect and gave me tips on how to achieve a good score. I felt prepared and confident the day of the test!"

Lake Central High School student


“I really liked how they broke it down piece by piece and hit hard on the strategic steps. This class is very beneficial.”

Clinton-Prairie High School student


“I am ready to wake up early on Saturday feeling well-rested, knowing I have THE EDGE other test takers do not, and rock the SAT!”

Frankfort Senior High School student


“I loved coming to class each week because of the wonderful people who taught it!”

Hanover Central High School student


“My teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable. They worked hard to inspire us and they really care about our success.”

Munster High School student


“I feel relaxed and ready. Thank you.”

Griffith High School student

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ACT 36 participants:

“The homeworkouts and practices done in the class were very helpful in preparing me for what to expect on the ACT. The most helpful, however, were the practices given in class, followed by a discussion of what the correct answers were and where they were found. This was more beneficial because by being able to discuss and review the answers, it was easier to identify why one may have gotten them wrong.”

Downers Grove South High School student


“This program prepared me for the questions that I would not have been able to answer prior to the completion of ACT 36. The teachers were very helpful and if a question was raised, they explained their answer in great detail, ensuring everyone understood the answer.”

Lincoln-Way Central High School student


“I think ACT 36 was very helpful. After taking the class you really are aware of what is on the test. Math and science were extremely helpful! I think taking a practice pretest is a splendid idea! You learn so many useful tricks too while taking the class! ACT 36 will help throughout the rest of high school and college! Teachers were great! They knew what they were talking about.”

Wheaton Warrenville South High School student


“The ACT 36 program provided a set strategy for taking the test. The instructors gave innovative methods of solving difficult problems. They helped me realize that the ACT is not as hard as it seems.”

Andrew High School student


“Any class can instill knowledge, but also giving us confidence is what makes ExcelEdge stand out from the rest! Thanks, the class doesn’t really have to improve on anything I could see.”

Geneva High School student


“The ACT 36 program taught me valuable, time-saving strategies to approach challenging problems and made me feel more confident in my ability to perform well on the ACT. Overall, I think that being a part of this class was an invaluable experience.”

Glenbrook North High School student


“I think that the ACT 36 program was beneficial because it gives students more confidence in their test taking abilities while working to refine the skills the ACT test requires. The taking of retired tests was especially helpful.”

Grant High School student


“I thought that this was an overall great program to take. The punctual and straight forward sessions really helped me realize what kind of attitude I should have going into this test. I also found that even the little tips and tricks can help my overall score. Excellent job!”

Lemont High School student


“This class was very beneficial and exceeded my expectations. I feel that I am more aware and ready to take the ACT. All the teachers and the material were great.”

Oswego High School student


“To be totally honest, this class helped me with strategy, pacing, and just feeling more confident with myself after doing so much practice. Thanks!”

Oswego East High School student


“The teachers were all very helpful. They were cool, too! Thanks for making this so fun!”

Peotone High School student


“I feel this class was brief but informative. The strategies work and are beneficial.”

St. Charles East High School student


“This entire program has helped me over the past few weeks, and I’m glad to have put some serious time into preparing for the two-digit number that will strongly shape my future.”

St. Charles North High School student


“Great class. It was very helpful and should improve my score. Worth the money. A must take for everyone.”

Shepard High School student


“I have no suggestions to add because ExcelEdge is absolutely amazing. It helps me out so much. I have never felt this prepared to take a test, let alone the ACT. Thank you so much! Everything was so beneficial.”

Woodstock High School student


“I really liked that we got to do practice tests, and I liked the entire program. It was really helpful and I’m excited to take the practice test.”

Batavia High School student


“Thank you for helping me with my ACT 36. My grandma signed me up for this class. She said it would be good. ACT 36 has given me an opportunity to grab life. Thank you very much.”

Crete-Monee High School student


“Good instructors with good background information, tricks and strategies.”

Dexter High School student


“The class was very useful. From it, I learned how the test works, inside and out, how I can increase my score with simple techniques, and other helpful hints.”

Glenbard West High School student


“I feel that the class will help improve my score by 1 or 2 points. It was money well spent.”

Huntley High School student


“The strategies helped me maximize my time when taking the test.”

Illiana Christian High School student


“It’s a good thing that my parents signed me up in this class. This really helped me and overall was a good experience on what to expect on the ACT.”

Kaneland High School student


“I really liked the class. I looked forward to going to class. I liked the teachers who explained things well and let us practice short passages from retired tests.”

Maine West High School student


“I think that the ACT 36 class was very helpful, as well as beneficial to my future in taking the real ACT test. The teachers were concise and clear in their teaching.”

Marian Catholic High School student


“Overall, the class was a good experience and I feel that it has helped me understand how to take the ACT. Learning what to expect and how to find the right answer was the intention of this class, and I believe it did exactly what it was intended to do.”

Minooka High School student


“I really enjoyed all of the tricks I learned. Having practice tests on each subject really helps me.”

Queen of Peace student


“All in all, this ACT class really did help me. I learned many new techniques and strategies to solve English, math, science, reading and writing problems. Keep it up!”

Romeoville High School student


“I feel that this class will help me to obtain a good score that I can be proud of.”

St. Laurence High School student


“This class taught me that you don’t necessarily need to know how to do every single problem on the test, just be able to eliminate the wrong answers.”

Timothy Christian High School student


“I enjoyed this class. I thought that it was quite beneficial. I would recommend this class to other people.”

Woodstock North High School student


“ACT 36 was a good practice, and it makes taking the real ACT less stressful. The strategies helped, so I know more for the real ACT.”

Momence High School student


“This program was successful in helping me understand strategies and time management. The things I learned will help boost my ACT score.”

Richards High School student


“I feel like this course has helped me feel more prepared for what is on the ACT. I have a better understanding of what to expect. Instead of winging the ACT with no preparation, I feel like taking this class will help me gain a better score on my first try.”

Stevens Point Area Schools student


“The program helped me finish tests more efficiently and avoid common ACT tricks. I have learned skills that I can easily put into use during the actual ACT.”

Neuqua Valley High School student

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