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Parents Say...

“Although my daughter's schedule was busy with school, sports, and other activities, we agreed that doing well on the SAT could be helpful to her future. She really appreciated the flexibility ExcelEdge provided when she needed to attend a different class time/day and was able to receive all the test strategies offered. When we received her SAT scores, we were impressed. Some of her peers who didn't take the class were surprised by how much higher her scores were than theirs. We were thrilled when she received her acceptance letter from Purdue University with a considerable scholarship offer! Thank you for helping our daughter reach her potential and for helping us pay for her education.”

Debbie and Keith Iddings
Crown Point High School parents


“My daughters both had great experiences with the ACT 36 preparation offered by ExcelEdge. They felt confident taking the ACT, and their hard work paid off with scores that made them both proud and competitive.”

Jim Doria
Lyons Township High School parent


"My children took the ExcelEdge PSAT, SAT and ACT courses. Both children felt very well-prepared for each test and empowered by the test-taking tips they had learned and the practice on actual tests at each class. Both children's test scores enabled them to ‘test out’ of certain required college courses, saving them time and saving their parents thousands of dollars!"

Peggy Madderom
Munster High School parent


"Knowledge and confidence -- My daughter walked into her high stakes ACT exam with these tools necessary for success as a result of completing the ExcelEdge ACT preparatory class. She understood the layout of the test, time limits, and strategies to address each content test. The course also encouraged her to take the ACT multiple times in order to improve her score. In addition, she learned the importance of scheduled college visits and spoke to admissions personnel prior to filling out college applications."

Debra Potempa
Carl Sandburg High School parent


“Our children looked forward to the classes and felt more comfortable and confident taking the SAT. The teachers work well with the students and provide a fun yet informative atmosphere. Their scores were above our expectations. Bottom line, we wouldn't think of not having our girls complete your program! We know it helped Meg and Molly, and we are sure Amy will benefit from it, too.”

Pete and Genny Rupp
Lake Central High School parents


“Jeff and I want to thank you again for providing ExcelEdge for Alyssa. From the PLAN, she was predicted to get a 27-31 on her ACT, and she received a 33. All of us were thrilled, as you can imagine.”

Joanne Schneider
Bartlett High School parent


"ExcelEdge is a well-organized and thoughtfully-delivered program that provides real value in preparing for the PSAT and ACT. Both of our sons participated and benefited from the programs.”

David and Bonnie Thompson
Lyons Township High School parents


“Being a parent you always want what is best for your child. I wanted my daughter to have the best opportunities available to her, and that is why I enrolled her in this course. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. She gained a tremendous amount of testing knowledge as well as confidence. I feel this course helped her to perform her best on the ACT.”

Tina Wagner
Rosary High School parent


“My kids benefitted from the course because it gave them some regular practice with timing and familiarity with the style of the test and practice questions. They needed the regimen of the class to do the practicing. It wasn't going to happen independently at home.”

Anne Bouchard
Glenbard South parent


“I would like to let you know about the positive experiences my two sons have had in taking your ACT 36 class. The first experience was when my oldest son was a junior at Oswego East. (He is currently a sophomore at University of Illinois.) He took the ACT without the ExcelEdge class and did ok; after taking the ExcelEdge class, he was able to bring his score up 3 points. I know it was because of the time and efforts that your staff put forth to help the students succeed. My second son is currently taking the class at Oswego East and has not taken the ACT but will on April 10th and again on April 28th at school. I am very confident that he will have the same experience as my older son, thanks to the efforts of your staff. I am sure he will follow his brother’s footsteps and also become a student at U of I. Thanks again for offering this class to high school students and making it affordable to parents.”

Kathy Willard
Oswego East High School parent


“Wow! What a great program! I have had five children who have gone through ACT 36 to help them prepare for the ACT exam. All of my children are different types of test takers, from weak to strong standardized test takers. The tips and advice that they learned from the English, Math and Science teachers made a big difference in their test scores. My children used the practice tests as a guide to improve their score. The day of the test they were prepared, knew what to bring and were relaxed. Their scores were better than I thought. Each child got into the college of their choice without any difficulty. Thank you for offering such a detailed and well-prepared program for my children that allowed them to succeed on such a high demand test. I will continue to recommend your preparatory ACT 36 class to my friends and their children.”

Elizabeth L Windish,
Mother of Jonathan Windish, Providence Catholic High School
Mother of Johanna, Jeanine and Jaime Windish, Marian Catholic High School
Mother of Julie Windish, Lincoln-Way Central High School

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