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Administrators say…

“With so many opportunities for our best and brightest students to be involved in activities, enrichment, and athletics, I recommend without hesitation that our students make time for PSAT 1520. The staff and the curriculum are second to none, and our students get the results that they want to see.”

Scott Eggerding
Director of Curriculum
Lyons Township High School


“ExcelEdge has handled our ACT Prep Program for twenty years. They are a great company - easy to work with, student centered, and fully understand that the improvement of student achievement is what education is all about. We have four high schools in our district and believe fully in the ExcelEdge approach.”

Dr. Lawrence A. Wyllie
Superintendent of Schools
Lincoln-Way High School District 210


“We have maintained a relationship with ExcelEdge for over 20 years. The company provides a personal touch in all aspects of the test preparation experience. They assist students with individual needs, initiate contact with the school staff to ensure a seamless program exists and are available to discuss innovations as needed. We have seen our students who have taken the ExcelEdge courses outperform their peers. “

Vince Walsh-Rock
Assistant Principal
Downers Grove South High School


“ExcelEdge has been a part of OHS students' ACT test preparation since 1997. Our students have felt better prepared with strategies, test content and the necessary pacing as they approached taking the ACT. ExcelEdge has always worked well with our students, accommodating their busy schedules, working with them to address any financial needs, and giving them confidence to be successful.”

Patti Marcinko, PhD
Director of Student Services
Oswego High School


"Woodstock High School has relied on ExcelEdge for the past 18 years to provide our students a leg up on the competition. The students always remark how useful the classes are to them and their score improvement comprehensively backs up that claim. The ExcelEdge staff is wonderful to work with and always provides the extra little touches, making the program feel individualized to the needs of our school and our students. The combination of expertise and service make ExcelEdge hard to beat."

Corey Tafoya
Woodstock High School


“For nine years and running, ExcelEdge’s ACT 36 has been an excellent, ACT test prep evening course for Community High School District 218 students. Each year Carol Talabay and her crew of well-trained, highly competent teachers move students along a series of lessons, activities and practice tests designed to boost students’ knowledge and confidence for this most important exam. Their hard work pays off. Carol’s annual reports not only demonstrate student achievement but also student satisfaction. Year after year, students praise their experience. This quality program is also one of the most reasonably priced test prep courses in the Chicagoland area. Without a doubt, ExcelEdge edges out the competition for quality and affordability, and we highly recommend their programs.”

Kevin McCaffrey, EdD
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services
Community High School District 218
(Eisenhower, Richards and Shepard High Schools)


“ExcelEdge delivers results for students. The staff is highly trained, professional, and student-centered, and they deliver a quality, intensive test prep program that raises student test scores. I've worked with Carol Talabay, ExcelEdge's director, for many years and have found her attention to detail amazing. She will work with you to create a test prep program that is focused on the needs of your students for a very reasonable cost. ExcelEdge truly is the edge that schools need to boost student achievement.”

Ann Kimpton
Assistant Principal
Willowbrook High School


“With high-stakes testing and increasing college admission standards, schools and parents are hoping for a ‘magic bullet’ to raise ACT scores. Many entrepreneurs in the marketplace have responded to this need, offering fantastic results with color-enhanced reports and the promise of a new and amazing approach to test preparation. I know this because I receive frequent calls and visits to our school offering just such programs. Lemont High School chooses to continue our 17-year partnership with ExcelEdge to provide ACT and WorkKeys test preparation strategies for our students because we get positive results, year in and year out. Why? ExcelEdge is very good about adapting to what is current best practice and employs competent and experienced teachers to work with our students. The personal interaction that allows for addressing individual needs and concerns proves to be more effective than the more expensive online programs. From an administrator’s perspective, the working relationship with Carol and David Talabay is consistently professional and pleasant. The proactive attention to detail and their dependability avoid unnecessary logistical problems and promote a positive experience for students, parents, and school personnel. In today’s economy, it is important for Lemont High School to offer our families a service that assures quality and the desired result at an affordable price. ExcelEdge never disappoints!”

Kathy Brockett
Data Analyst
Lemont Township High School District 210


“I have been fortunate enough to work with Carol Talabay and ExcelEdge in two different districts. In each situation, she customized the program to meet our needs and was extremely flexible in exploring different ways to deliver the program. The teachers are always excellent, and students consistently respond very favorably to the program and how much it helped them gain confidence, along with a better understanding of test-taking strategies.”

Anne Roloff, PhD
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Niles Township High School District 219


“Munster High School has been utilizing ExcelEdge as our primary vendor for PSAT and SAT preparation classes for our students for many years. We have researched other preparation courses, and we have not found any that offer a better overall program for the cost. The instruction that the students receive is outstanding. The curriculum is very comprehensive and our students exit the courses very prepared. As a former instructor in the program, I would encourage any college bound student to enroll in the PSAT or SAT preparation courses that are offered by ExcelEdge.”

Steve Tripenfeldas, Principal
Munster High School


"The Talabays are excellent to work with, responsive to questions from school personnel and parents and they streamline the process to make it as easy on schools as possible. The ExcelEdge test prep program is comprehensive and provides practical strategies to help students feel comfortable and confident in an ACT test situation. Our staff is so supportive that several have opted to participate as teachers. With ACT being part of Illinois’s NCLB assessment, it is imperative that students be comfortable with the style of an ACT test – ExcelEdge provides that."

Debbie Quinn
Director of Guidance
West Aurora High School


“I would recommend any of the test prep classes of ExcelEdge, Inc. for your students’ test preparation. ExcelEdge is a company that is fully professional in its dealings with parents, students, and counselors. If you wish to have a class at your school, ExcelEdge makes it work for your school schedule and your students. They understand that each school has different schedules and needs, and they will be happy to make their classes work – not because they want to make a sale and have their program at your school – but because they truly believe their program works. And it does! We have had ACT 36 at our school for 18 years and do not intend to stop anytime soon. Sure you can spend thousands on an individual test prep program for your child, but I have found ACT 36 to be an affordable and excellent curriculum-based test prep program. Carol Talabay is always available to answer any questions from school staff or parents. She answers emails or phone calls almost immediately or certainly within 24 hours. The certified teachers of their classes are knowledgeable about not just the content of the subject area and test strategies, but they also understand and communicate well with high school students. Their teachers are professionals who begin classes promptly so that students get the full two hours of instructional time each week. Last year some of our students took a PSAT prep class through a major corporation which came to our school. I was extremely disappointed with the quality of instruction, the class time wasted, and the poor classroom management. This year ExcelEdge is presenting PSAT 1520 to our students. Carol Talabay is completely honest and upfront about who they are targeting and how quickly the class moves. She will readily admit that the PSAT 1520 class is not for everyone. She is not interested in just making money on their program. She truly believes in what her company offers students for test prep. And she has the statistics to prove it!”

Fran David
Director of Counseling
Timothy Christian High School


"Excel Edge provides guidance, encouragement and applicable test-taking strategies for our students as they prepare for the ACT exam. Their teachers’ expertise in their content areas assists our students tremendously as they navigate the ACT. The Give Something Back Foundation students have consistently commented that ExcelEdge has provided the best coaching and instruction, compared to other ACT preparation programs. The Give Something Back Foundation is very fortunate and proud to have ExcelEdge as one of our educational partners."

Bob Tucker
Associate Director
Give Something Back Foundation, Inc.

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