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Retesting Questions

Questions and Answers

Should I take the ACT or SAT more than once?

Yes. The cost is minimal, and you may improve your score on the second (or third) taking. For the SAT and ACT, we recommend testing in March/April and repeating the exam in May or June or testing in May and repeating the exam in June. Of course, students may retake either the ACT or SAT as fall seniors and still have time to apply to colleges.  



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Will testing a second time increase my score?

The range within which your score falls should not change by much, but the ACT says you have two chances in four of increasing as you repeat the exam. And, because .5 rounds up, a difference of even .25 may bump you up by a full point! The College Board gives you a range within which you will score, and familiarity works to your advantage in moving you to the upper end of that range. We say, “Go for it!”

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What should I do between tests to keep my skills sharp?

Because we give you so many authentic tests on which to practice in class, you may find sections of tests you have not completed or sections of the textbook you can continue to review. Just “keep the wheels greased” by working on the test skills we have taught you and practicing on authentic exams.

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