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Curriculum Questions

Questions and Answers

Which is the right class for me?

Simply put, the PSAT 1520 program is designed for honors students who have the potential to score among the top 4% in the nation (the top 50,000 scorers) on the PSAT/ NMSQT, the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. SAT 1600 and ACT 36 are for all college-bound students who will take the SAT and/ or ACT for admission into a college/ university. 

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What materials do you use in class?

The course textbook is a compendium of scouting reports, offensive strategies, defensive strategies and practices to familiarize a student with the PSAT, SAT or ACT. Authentic released exams purchased from the College Board and ACT supplement the textbook. 

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How effective is your curriculum?

We tell students, “The program works if you do.”  When students become comfortable and familiar with a test and its strategies, the mystery is removed, and scores skyrocket. Gains of about 10% are typical. For example, the College Board now predicts a gain from sophomore to junior year of 10.6 Selection Index points on the PSAT/ NMSQT (Prior to 2005, the anticipated gain was 8.4). Our students have doubled to tripled that anticipated gain in our more than two decades of tracking student achievement. SAT composites increase on average a typical 10%. ACT composites increase an average of 2-3 points. That said, a student who comes to us with a 34 on the ACT may not necessarily score a 36 by enrolling in our course!

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What results can I expect?

So much depends on the student.  If you come to each class, do the timed practices from authentic exams, ask questions of your instructors and try your best, you will achieve results at the top end of your personal  score range.  Our expectations are realistic. We cannot get C students into Harvard, but we CAN make you look your personal best and get you your BEST score. 

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