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How can I contact the ExcelEdge office?

Please call: 219-838-0740 or send us an e-mail at info@exceledgeinc.com.

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How can I contact my child’s teacher/ supervisor?

Contact the ExcelEdge office, and we will put you in touch with your child’s supervisor or teacher(s). Remember that this information is also in Section 1 of your student’s textbook.

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Can I expect the ExcelEdge office to contact me?

Yes. We always return calls the same day we receive them. In addition, families should expect a phone call from our office when a student has been absent to arrange for a make-up session (unless, of course, the student has prearranged the absence/ make-up session). Of course, if we have any concern about your child, we will be in touch.

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Shall I contact my child’s school with a question?

Schools ask us to answer parents’ questions first. If parents need further information, they may then contact the school.

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