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Do I have to take a test prep class?

Of course, you do not. The better question is…Should you take a test prep class? When you take a test prep class taught by outstanding teachers who are content certified, practice on authentic tests, review material you may have forgotten, learn new concepts and become familiar with the exam, you will improve your performance. Because you want to show a college the best that you can be, taking a test prep class makes sense. 

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When is the optimum time to take a test prep class?

This question is asked more and more often as some test prep companies try to convince students to prep at a time that best fits their personal schedules.The truth is there IS a best time to test. Educators know that, which is why the State of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan negotiated spring SAT dates for their juniors! Because there IS a best time to test, there also IS a best time to prep. Our classes are offered in the months immediately preceding the spring SAT. In the case of the PSAT or ACT, our classes wrap up just before the exam the school has scheduled. We want information to be fresh in students’ minds on test day – whichever exam they take. Furthermore, we want spring juniors to have an opportunity to retest later in the spring or early summer. Our ExcelEdge recommended timetable allows for that.


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Which test prep class is right for me?

If you are an honors junior, you should begin your year with PSAT 1520. For students like you, the PSAT/NMSQT is a high stakes test, and National Merit recognition is the most prestigious academic honor a student can earn. So…. If you are a superstar, the PSAT/ NMSQT is your test, and PSAT 1520 is your course! Students should plan on taking the ACT or SAT in the spring of their junior year.  In their use as a college admissions tool, the two tests are identical. (Check with colleges/ universities that interest you to see if they have a test preference. Most will not.) All Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan students will take the SAT because taking that test is a state graduation requirement. As a result, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan students will want to enroll in SAT 1600 to enhance their performance on the SAT. Deleted...Wisconsin students can select their prep program based on the college they choose to attend or their personal preference.


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Why are your classes only for juniors?

The PSAT, ACT and SAT tests themselves are designed for juniors. The content of the tests matches what juniors have learned in eleven years. Sophomores will not have all the content under their belts if they test too early (although sophomores certainly can take the test for practice if they realize the test they are taking is designed for juniors). Seniors can retake an SAT or ACT if they are not happy with their junior performance, but beginning the college testing process in the senior year is too late.

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What can I expect in class?

You can expect an engaged group of peers committed to improving their test scores. You can expect an inviting environment and a quality instructor who holds your interest. You can expect to leave each class knowing more than you did when you entered the room.

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What is the average class size?

Our average class size is 20 or fewer students in a section.

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How do you group students in a class?

Students are heterogeneously grouped. Our research proves that in a heterogeneous group, the class builds on students’ strengths, not teaches to their weaknesses.

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How do I find out where my classes will meet?

Class lists will be posted at your high school in a prominent place (Main Office, Guidance or PPS Office), and announcements will alert juniors to the posting.

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How do I find out if mine is an ExcelEdge school?

Please ask your guidance counselor, check our website for registration information, or call the ExcelEdge office.


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Who at my school can I ask / phone about your program(s)?

Please ask your guidance counselor or call the ExcelEdge office. 

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If I have a concern about the class, whom do I contact?

Again, start with the ExcelEdge office. We can redirect you, if necessary.

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