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PSAT 1520 teachers are content specialists, thoroughly trained and fully-certified. As end-of-the-program evaluations prove, ExcelEdge staff members are knowledgeable, personable and well-liked by students they teach. Because staff members are referred by administrators at their schools, our teachers are among the very best. Working with groups of about 20 students, a team of two teachers helps students acquire the skills necessary for exam success.

To get a sense of the caliber of our staff, note their responses to this question:

What sets ExcelEdge apart from other test preparation companies?

“The ‘edge’ is what defines ExcelEdge. This company is constantly updating information to give your child what they need to compete in the college admissions arena. Content-filled classes taught in a friendly, interactive format by caring instructors make the difference for course participants.”

Ellen Corey

BA English & Psychology, Marymount College
MA Counseling, Pacific Lutheran University
Educator of the Year 2010


“I have been working for ExcelEdge, Inc. for a number of years – first as a math teacher and, now, also as a supervisor. This program helps students achieve their ‘personal best.’ The students have the opportunity to practice strategies and work with actual retired tests. In the classroom, the students have the opportunity to get immediate feedback on their concerns and also hear how other students are thinking about the same or related problems. The personal interaction is invaluable! Students' scores have improved significantly by applying what they have learned in this course. I wouldn't work for a company unless I had faith in their program.”

Carol A. Tegge

BS Mathematics, University of Illinois
MS Mathematics, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana


“All ExcelEdge teachers are state certified in their specific subject area – English, math or science. They have experience teaching high school students of all academic levels. They come to ExcelEdge through personal recommendations from current staff. All teachers, both new and veterans, receive annual training to teach and improve our work with the students in our classes as they prepare to take the PSAT, ACT, or SAT.”

Diane Harris

BA English, Purdue University
MS Reading, DePaul University


“I have spent 40 years working with high school and now college students. My greatest joy is seeing them learn something for the first time and then find success with it. I feel that ExcelEdge provides that same personal touch for all students to find success on the ACT test.”

Richard Clish

BA English, Illinois State University
MA English, Northeastern Illinois University
CAS, Concordia College


“ExcelEdge offers students a plethora of test materials, strategies, and resources to prepare for one of the most important exams of their high school careers. This program is unlike any other because it is taught by certified professional teachers who have an incredibly strong knowledge of the material because they teach it every day in the classroom and every evening with your child. The staff at ExcelEdge understands the magnitude of test preparation.”

Alicia Jakubek

BA English Literature, Illinois Wesleyan University
MS Educational Administration, Olivet Nazarene University
MS Counseling and School of Guidance, Lewis University

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