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At ExcelEdge we believe that the best practice for the PSAT, ACT or SAT is practice with actual tests purchased from ACT or the College Board! Whether we are working with groups of students in our classes or testing an entire junior class, we exclusively use authentic tests.

We can facilitate an All-School Practice Test for your junior class for a nominal charge. In addition to scoring the exam, we can

  • Return tests and results to students.
  • Meet with students and parents to interpret scores.
  • Provide a database of students’ results to schools.
  • Provide an item analysis of test items for schools.
  • Provide data analysis by content area for schools.
  • Offer longitudinal data analysis.

School administrators who work in partnership with us say…

"The Talabays are excellent to work with, responsive to questions from school personnel and parents and they streamline the process to make it as easy on schools as possible. The ExcelEdge test prep program is comprehensive and provides practical strategies to help students feel comfortable and confident in an ACT test situation. Our staff is so supportive that several have opted to participate as teachers. With ACT being part of Illinois’s NCLB assessment, it is imperative that students be comfortable with the style of an ACT test – ExcelEdge provides that."

Debbie Quinn
Director of Guidance
West Aurora High School

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