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“With high-stakes testing and increasing college admission standards, schools and parents are hoping for a ‘magic bullet’ to raise ACT scores.  Many entrepreneurs in the marketplace have responded to this need, offering fantastic results with color-enhanced reports and the promise of a new and amazing approach to test preparation.  I know this because I receive frequent calls and visits to our school offering just such programs.  Lemont High School chooses to continue our 17-year partnership with ExcelEdge to provide ACT and WorkKeys test preparation strategies for our students because we get positive results, year in and year out.  Why? ExcelEdge is very good about adapting to what is current best practice and employs competent and experienced teachers to work with our students.  The personal interaction that allows for addressing individual needs and concerns proves to be more effective than the more expensive online programs.  From an administrator’s perspective, the working relationship with Carol and David Talabay is consistently professional and pleasant.  The proactive attention to detail and their dependability avoid unnecessary logistical problems and promote a positive experience for students, parents, and school personnel.  In today’s economy, it is important for Lemont High School to offer our families a service that assures quality and the desired result at an affordable price.  ExcelEdge never disappoints!”

- Kathy Brockett Lemont Township High School District 210



ACT 36 works when students do! It is no surprise that when students attend all classes, participate in discussions, complete homeworkouts and commit to improving their scores, they will add to their point total. The mean gain for any group of students is a gain of 2-3 points. Our research proves that Illinois students who test twice in April – once on the national test date and once on the ACT given as part of the PSAE, the Prairie State Achievement Test – more often than not also increase their scores on that second ACT.

One Illinois high school which has been a partner since 1998 asked us in 2005 to add a week to our program. The school wanted to begin with a full-length, retired Practice ACT that we could compare to another retired Practice ACT given in the eighth week of our program. In the first year, the average increase was 2.5 points. More significant, the number of students whose scores moved into the 25 range increased by 11%. The number of students who scored above a 21 increased by 21%. We anticipated further score increases once the PSAE was administered, and that occurred, as both our office and the ACT corporation had predicted. Note that results for all subsequent years have been similar.

We carefully monitor our students’ progress in all schools, as the above example proves. At the end of the program, both high schools and families receive students’ ACT scores. Schools also receive a comprehensive year-end report with detailed information on their students’ enrollment, attendance and mean performance on all subject tests. Schools also receive longitudinal data on their students’ achievement.

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On the 215 item ACT, most often answering 6 more items correctly will add a full point to your Composite Score!


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